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813 12th Ave SW, Rio Rancho, NM 87124


813 12th Avenue SW

List Price:  $250,000

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There are a wide variety of homes for sale in Rio Rancho, New Mexico nestled inside neighborhoods that offer panoramic views, alluring southwest landscapes and exquisite architecture designed by a variety of home builders.

About Rio Rancho

Originally part of the 89,000 acre Alameda Land Grant given by King Philip IV of Spain in 1710 to Francisco Montes Vigil, the City of Rio Rancho was born in the early 1960s when an investment corporation purchased 55,000 of those acres, then referred to as Rio Rancho Estates.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, the City of Vision, is the third largest and fastest growing city in the state of New Mexico. The 73 square miles of Rio Rancho rests at approximately 5,300 feet above sea level.

Located North of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho increased its independence as the city’s infrastructure grew rapidly in the early to mid 1990s. Presently, the city’s latest project has been the new downtown center which includes a new city hall building that opened in 2007.

Cabezon Homes

Learn about Cabezon Rio Rancho, a master-planned community located in the heart of the city.  The community is made up of 11 neighborhoods, 10+ public parks, an in-ground swimming pool and an abundance of amenities.

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